Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We Drive for Pie

Here in New Mexico, where the roads are empty and the sky goes on forever, we don't mind doing a bit of driving. In fact, we have been known to drive 150 miles each way to eat a green chile cheeseburger at the Owl Bar and Cafe in San Antonio (New Mexico).  You can watch a short video about the Owl here. You can almost smell those burgers cooking. 

When this year's Pie Festival in Pie Town came around, we decided that it was time to drive for pie. From our house to Pie Town is about 225 miles one way

Along the way, we saw volcanic-looking pokey mountains. 

Up in the Plains of San Augustin, we could just make out the Very Large Array off in the distance. It's the gigantic astronomical radio observatory that you might remember from the Jodie Foster movie, Contact

Then the landscape changed, and we drove through pine forests and piñon-studded hills.

The town of Magdalena always sets me to dreaming about living the rural life. 

There are plenty of fixer-uppers available. 

If rehabbing isn't something that suits your fancy, there is land for sale, too. 

Pie-O-Neer Cafe, Pie Town, NM

Finally, just as our hunger pangs were starting up, we got to Pie Town, which is actually an unincorporated community with a population somewhere under 200. Their Pie Festival reminds me of our old life in a small New Hampshire town, where everyone pitches in year round, planning and organizing an annual event to raise money for the community. 

According to the Pie Town Community Council Pie Festival web pageThe Pie Town Annual Pie Festival includes a pie-baking contest, games and races, music, food, arts and crafts, and pie, pie, pie. Admission is free and parking is easy. The festival is held in Jackson Park each year and is a great opportunity to visit with friends, both old and new.

The pies smelled so good. The judging was so serious. We didn't eat pie while we were there, but we bought three frozen ones to take home from the Pie-O-Neer Cafe

We did, however, have some fresh Navajo tacos that were made up by a quiet Navajo family. They fried the bread on a very primitive and homemade-looking stove that they had brought along with them. With the simplest of equipment, they produced the most delicious of meals! 

The ride home was beautiful...

...and the pie was gorgeous. This is a New Mexico Apple Pie, which contains crisp apples, a touch of green chile (yes, it does), and some crunchy piñons; all garnished with a chile cut out of pastry. You can't get a pie like that anywhere but here in New Mexico in Pie Town. See you there next year.