Saturday, November 30, 2019

Alcohol Inks!

Although I like the print on these shoes I really don't like wearing shoes with so much white on them. No matter where I put my eyes I am distracted by all that white flashing around on my feet. To avoid crashing into things while walking inattentively...

... I did some research, asked some friends about shoe painting, and decided to try alcohol inks. Joann's was kind enough to have a set of teal alcohol ink pens on sale for half off.

Everything painted on the shoes was done with the same pen--different surfaces took the color in different ways, as you can see. I even painted the shoelaces. I'm not quite happy with the rubber sole parts, but I'll keep adding another layer of ink until it looks a bit better. In the meantime, I'll just walk faster and tell myself that the streaks will never be noticed by a passing rider on a galloping horse (actually a possibility in New Mexico, where cowboys abound). 

Now I still have all those ink pens. And I see on Pinterest that DIY alcohol inks are a thing, so I could expand beyond shades of teal without breaking the bank. What will get painted next? Wine glasses? Ceramic tiles? Who knows?

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Knitting Hats for the Homeless

It gets cold here in the high desert during the winter time. Our local library sets up a Christmas tree every year, asking the community to decorate it with hats, scarves, and mittens for those who would appreciate a gift of warmth. The library staff gathers up the donations and makes sure everything gets to local organizations serving those without homes, those who need some help, and those who are fleeing north to find a better life. 

I started knitting these hats back in the summer. Sometimes I bought the yarn, and sometimes friends donated yarn. The simplicity of the pattern (Barley Hat from Tin Can Knits, available for free and including sizes for baby through adult) meant that I could knit through news programs, Congressional hearings, and the digital audio books that are another service of our library. I like the idea of being productive during otherwise idle time.

I have quite a bit of yarn left over, so I think I'll just get a head start on next year's donations. Here are the hats that I am putting under the tree today.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Monday, November 25, 2019

Handsome Henry

Not really a kitten any more...