Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Pintada Kid, Part 4

Making tortillas (Library of Congress)
A bit more about the Pintada Kid's grandparents, in his own words. My Parents both Died when i was a little kid and my Grandparents raised me... My Grandfather grew up in the Mountains of N.M. and couldn't read or write or talk in English but he was VERY intelligent and knew animals better than anyone. My Grandfather was like a Mountain man and very strong and if anyone was making trouble or laughing at him he would grab his Rope or Long Whip from his Pickup and Men would Scatter in all Directions. The Wealthy Spanish and Italian and German Ranchers from all around came to ask him for Advice on Ranching and taking care of sick animals. My Grandmother was the Greatest Cook and all these Ranchers at Branding time would come in, some Landing their Airplanes out in the Pastures just to come and taste my Grandmother's Cooking more than to Work. I only had [my grandfather] in my life a few years. Him and my Grandmother were married for over 50 years and took care of a lot of his Grandkids on a 200 a month salary and he was an honest man and always paid his Bills. He was working into his 70s when he died of a Disease from taking care of a Sick cow. My grandmother died a month after my Grandfather Died, she was very religious and never missed mass on Sunday.
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Sylvia K said...

This has really been a fascinating story! It's something you don't hear about much anymore, like stepping back a hundred years. Thanks for sharing it!


Akkire said...

sometimes i romanticize western living and even being so closely connected to grandparents instead of parents. i like the honesty of this man's story...because even if its not romantic, it is real and still beautiful.