Friday, February 19, 2010

Bertie Gets a New Suit

There was a time when Bertie Pierre ran around practically naked, like most little dogs.

Then along came Auntie Bucksnort, who likes to embellish most everything. Bertie had a bad feeling about Auntie's new-found love of knitting.

Are you sure that this is really a boy's suit, Auntie?

What? All the little San Francisco chihuahua boys love this style? Well, it does makes me feel kind of sprightly!

Hey, Aunt, let's go all the way with this dress-up stuff. Come on, lend me some of that jewelry.

No? Oh, whatever. Just be that way...

What do you mean, what should I say?

Oh, yes... Thank you, Auntie, for the new suit.

It makes me feel like doing the zumba! (Sorry, the photographer was laughing again and forgot to focus).

Oh, no, don't let Gracie see! Get this thing off of me!!

For more about Bertie, see the complete Adventures of Bertie Pierre.


Kate said...

I love all the different expressions on his face! Your series of photos helped tell the story in a creative way!

BZ said...

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Anonymous said...

Bertie Pierre, I think Auntie Bucksnort's knitted suit is kinda cute. On you, anyway.
I sure enjoyed and needed the laugh(certainly not at you Bertie Pierre) .
The pictures were great.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Quiet Paths said...

The cat says: LOLZ!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I have a poetry blog. I'd love to write a poem about your little dog and his new coat. May I?

clairz said...

Bertie would be honored if you were to write a poem about him, Brenda (Rinkly Rimes). You have had a fascinating life and I would love to hear what you have to say.

Al said...

Very cute. My dog could use one of those in the winter.

Powell River Books said...

How funny - our good friend John in Powell River has a black lab named Bro. Bro goes everywhere John goes and loves to ride on the back of his quad all over the roads and trails through the bush. Bro wears a very "manly" sweater covered with a blue raincoat. But to keep his ears warm he wears a homemade hoodie. Before the hoodie John wrapped Bro's head in a scarf, making him look like a granny. It was such a hoot. You can find a picture back at my blog under the pets category. - Margy

Beth said...

Hee,hee...I love those Bertie Pierre stories---thanks for the laugh! He is such a little character...and quite fetching in that chic knit suit. :-)