Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roadside Shrine, New Mexico: Nuestro Señor de la Vida

Driving down the back road between Garfield and Hatch...

... we came to the Chile River Farm. 

Next to it, someone had built a little roadside shrine.

This carved rock was next to the shrine.

 Inside, this is what we saw. The candles were burning...

... and the windows gave a view of 
the heavens above the chile fields.


matron said...

I think these little shrines are lovely,I think most mainly Catholic Countries have them,though in Ireland we do not.We do have grotto's with the statue of Our Lady,with a bench to sit and pray,they are decorative and there are always flowers and a devotional light,every town and village has one,they can often be seen at cross roads as well.

Ms. Becky said...

it's simple and beautiful devotion. I love it.

clairz said...

Devotion--perfect word, Ms. Becky. Matron, it's always lovely to have a place for some quiet contemplation, always so rare in our world.