Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinterest (Just in Case You Have Any Leftover Computer Time)

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I've just put a new Pinterest badge down below that will appear on this blog from now on. If you don't know about Pinterest, stop right here and complete all your chores for the day before you read any further. Trust me, you'll want to clear your schedule.

There. All done?

You know how you come across wonderful ideas on the web and just need a place to keep them? I've always set up little document lists to look at later--great chicken websites, links to knitting projects I'd like to do someday, wonderful photos I come across, just to name a few. I'm sure that you have the same kinds of lists somewhere. The trouble is that all my little lists are scattered throughout my document files and I have to do some wandering to find them all.

Shelfari has already made a wonderful site where I keep all my lists of books that I want to read; now the clever people at Pinterest have given us each an infinite number of virtual "pinboards" where we can keep and share all kinds of interesting stuff. I was a little afraid at first, rightly sensing another online time sink, but I'm starting to think this is really a good thing.

So far, I've created boards for Travel Thoughts, Chickens, Books Worth Reading, Fiber Projects, My Style, and For the Home. To see any of them, click here. The possibilities are endless, however. You can categorize your boards for easy sharing, and there are categories for everything from Architecture, Food and Drink, and Gardening; to Health and Beauty, Photography, and on and on. You can even add a little bookmarklet to your toolbar that will allow you to instantly pin something of interest when you find it.

Just as Facebook has given us a place to find old friends, Pinterest has now given us a place to share interests. If you are on Pinterest, please let us all know in the comments for this post. Have fun!


OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

yes, I too have found Pinterest and have added more computer time....yikes. I've found so many lovely things to save and this is perfect. Oma Linda

urban muser said...

oh yeah, pinterest is good! i can spend some serious time browsing over there :)

Ms. Becky said...

I discovered it awhile back and said "no, I cannot allow this in my life". but I did turn on my friend to it and she spends every free moment she has in her day...on Pinterest!!! and curses me every now and then...happy weekend to you Clair.

Kate said...

Claire, I appreciate the information you shared, but I'm staying away...too tempting and too time-consuming. My computer is already taking up too much of my time so I've got to be careful. I will never give up photo blogging but I need more time to read and write, which I've neglected. The longer I live it seems the more interest I develop...sigh!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Pinterest is definetly a time sink. Last year, several of my dearest friends talked me into joining up and I put it off for the longest time, but then finally fell...hook, line...and sinker! lol!

The positive thing about Pinterest is that hoarders will now have no excuse why they keep hundreds of magazines, file folders and photo albums stuffed full of clippings, recipes and articles of all sorts of cool stuff. Pinterest provides the perfect place to pare down and keep everything in one tiny place.

And none of it requires dusting. :)


Prairie Cat said...

I found out about pinterest a few days ago... it is so easy to get hooked on that site!