Sunday, March 1, 2020

Refurbishing a Lamp

Poor old lamp! It was a freebie from the Swap Shop at our town dump when we lived in New Hampshire long ago . Rotted silk shade...

... and tarnished base. Note that the base is off-center, too. 

The first step was to remove the rotted silk from the shade. 

Next, I made a pattern from a large sheet of gift wrapping and made a replacement shade of fabric, following the directions here: I did add a plain white cotton lining to the new shade, a lesson learned from the last lampshade I made with just one layer of fabric. It was all put together with spray adhesive, my newest favorite tool.

I unscrewed the base and re-centered it, then sponged on some turquoise craft paint and brushed over it with some gold to highlight the texture. Nothing perfect here.

I'm not showing any close-ups of the lining, because once again--not perfect. Here is the finished lamp--all cheery, much less formal, and in my favorite colors. Best of all--someone else's trash is now my treasure.

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