Monday, November 12, 2007

More Sweaters for the Knit for Kids Project

I've just finished up another batch of sweaters to send off to the Knit for Kids organization, which will distribute them to needy children in the U.S. and around the world.

I was surprised when I checked my records to find that my last batch of five sweaters was sent away just this past June 2007, and that I have already produced another nine since then! It didn't seem as though I was knitting all the time--I just picked up a sweater to work on mostly when I was doing something else like traveling in the car or watching a movie with my husband. Oh, yes, and while driving across the country and while hanging out in a motel for two weeks while waiting to move into our new home. It's pretty amazing what you can turn out when you use an idle moment here or there.

So here are the latest sweaters. My total will now be 26 since I first heard about the Knit for Kids organization at the Candia Town Meeting in March 2006. This will be my last batch of size 2 sweaters, as a careful check of the organization's web site reveals that they are looking for bigger sizes. Output should slow down a bit as the larger sweaters will naturally take longer to knit.

I encourage you to take part in this project. If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them. Just send me a comment.


Towanda said...

clairz ~ I am on my first sweater since reading about Knit for Kids on your blog. The pattern could not be easier, and I can pick up the knitting whenever I am watching sports events on TV. I have finished one side, and am starting the other. I'm making a size 2, but I will be sure to make the next ones larger. Thanks for posting the original post; I am enjoying the chance to do something to help some kids.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! What a great cause! I wish I could knit...maybe I should bring my supplies to Chris' next week for a real lesson!

clairz said...

Yippee! Somebody IS reading this blog. Dee, bring round needles in size 5 and 7, together with some yarn. Never mind the round needles if you don't have any, I'll donate some to the cause. Wouldn't it be fun to teach Bella, too? Towanda's right, the pattern is really easy.

Anonymous said...

OK! I think it would be fun to bring Bella into the cause too! I will bring what needles and yarn I have already (I do not remember the size of them). Yay! And Happy Birthday!

Towanda said...

clairz has had a BIRTHDAY?????

Towanda said...

WAIT!!! I have another comment .... well, a question really. Are you making the sweaters on circular needles? I'm using regular straight needles! Now I am thinking circular would work better. DUH

clairz said...

Towanda, yes, I figured out how to make the sweaters on circular needles so the process would go faster and so I wouldn't have to purl any more than necessary. Way back in September when I wrote the first Knit for Kids post ( you asked about how to do that and I replied (to the comments) with the directions, which you may not have seen. Check out the directions on that page and let me know if they make sense to you.

~Clair Z.

Towanda said...

clairz ~ Thanks for responding. I went back and read and think I can do it, so on the next sweater I will try.

I completely forgot asking for those directions and never saw your response....the end of September was right in between my son's wedding and family visiting and our trip to NM in Oct. (I missed a lot in those weeks!!!) I'm sorry I never checked back and saw your instructions ... and THANKS for posting them for me!


Sony said...

Hi Z--

Great looking sweaters! It's like an art display :) Hey, Happy Birthday from your friends back east!