Thursday, November 20, 2008

The First Annual George and Alan Calendar

I may be just hanging around here quietly moaning and healing my new knee, but I've been looking out for y'all. (Remember, that's how we talk here in Little Texas). I've taken care of your entire Christmas shopping list for you and you can easily get a wonderfully unique gift that will work for everyone, right there from your comfy computer chair.

Linda, over at the 7MSN Ranch, has just completed the First Annual George and Alan Calendar. If you haven't met George and Alan yet, you are in for a big treat. They are the sweetest little rescue donkeys you've ever seen and the best introduction to them is Linda's series of photos called The Burro Ballet.

So, George and Alan will be starring in a new 2009 calendar, which you will soon be able to purchase at Cafe Press. Here is what Linda has to say: I'm going to donate any and all proceeds from the calendar to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, the largest donkey rescue in the United States with facilities located across the country.

What could be better? Pictures of George and Alan, backgrounds supplied by scenic New Mexico, and everything done by Linda, who you practically know? Plus, the proceeds will be going to a wonderful cause. Christmas shopping just doesn't get any better than this.

Linda is just now going over the first printing to be sure that everything is absolutely perfect. I will let you know the minute that the calendars are available for purchase.


the7msn said...

Well aren't you just the best blogger on the planet for doing this. Thanks! I should have the first calendar in my hot little hands Saturday or Monday and will be able to post the link to it then. I've been SO impressed with the things I've ordered so far from Café Press - I'm expecting this calendar to be just as cool.

clairz said...

Well, if all 15 (?) of my regular readers each tell 15 more and they tell 15 more, etc., we can build a grassroots movement for George and Alan. Hey, it worked for Barack!