Tuesday, November 18, 2008

That Knee

Hurty. That's a nice word that was in one of the children's books I used to read aloud to the kids in my library before I retired. It was used in reference to "hurty feelings" in Helen Lester's delightful book of the same title. These days I use that word for my knee. Hurty.

And no wonder! I asked the nice physical therapist why my leg bones should ache so much--after all, it was the knee that was replaced. So now I have a gruesome brochure that illustrates all the violent things that were done to me in that operating room. Slit open, bones sliced and shaved, poky things drilled and pounded into the bones above and below the knee joint. Stuff was cemented together and the whole thing was stapled back together. Ah, now I get it. Hurty.

It's better every day and I know from having the other knee done that it will eventually be pain free. In the meantime, I try to whine and moan and whimper when no one is around (oops, cover your ears). Yesterday the staples were removed. Whinge. Another lovely word. Tomorrow, I am done with physical therapy. Another thing I won't have to whine about.

But, wouldn't you know? The computer is acting like one of those horrid frozen ones in the TV commercials for some kind of finally faster software, and it hurts me to sit here waiting for the screen to change. My other blog, Recipes for Ben, is updated automatically every day because I took the time to set it up that way.

We'll get the computer squared away, and I'll get back to regular blogging. We all have a whole new world ahead of us as the result of our wonderful Presidential election. I have a notebook filling up with ideas for new blog posts on The Zees Go West.

I just wanted to thank you all for your comments and encouraging get well wishes. And please forgive me if, as I suspect, this post is a little herky-jerky. It's those pain pills, you know. Auntie Bucksnort says, in that brisk way of hers, that they make me rave like some tiresome madwoman, so I'll just stop here.

But I really, really do thank you.


Cheryl Ann said...

I hear 'ya about the pain pills. I have to take them for my left leg. I have a pinched nerve in my back and my entire leg is NUMB and my thigh muscle tightens and then I can't even stand up! I have an owie, too!

Jean (aka Auntie Bucksnort) said...

"It's those pain pills, you know. Auntie Bucksnort says, in that brisk way of hers, that they make me rave like some tiresome madwoman, so I'll just stop here."

Now don't be such a revisionist, Clair... My exact word were "Those things make you chirp like a Disney cartoon bluebird."

(pssssst... I would like to point out that my sister is a whizkid when it comes to healing and getting up and about on her new knee. She did the same with her first new knee. Her doctor says she's the fastest healer he's ever seen. She was scampering about after a few days trying to do more things in a day than the rest of us get done in a week. She doesn't even need to be babysat anymore. end of pssssst)

Clair, stop whining and whimpering right now, damn it! Just kidding, my dear sister. Whine. Whimper. Take those swirly pain pills. That's what you're SUPPOSED to be doing two weeks after major surgery, Princess Bluebird!

Sylvia K said...

I think you're amazing to get through it all so well. I do know about bad knees, however, replacement isn't an option so I depend on my acupuncturist who has done wonders to keep me up and moving! I'll be glad to have your coming posts to start my day with though, so get better soon!

dz said...

Hang in there!!! Sending love from CA...we'll take care of you good while you are here!! Love you!