Monday, February 9, 2009

The White House Agenda, and More

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I hope that you have been visiting the newly revised White House website. I wish I could take a look at an archived copy of the site before President Obama took office so that I could compare the old and the new. They say that even before he had taken the oath of office on inauguration day the new version of the website went online.  

The site has several sections and you won't be there for long before you understand that this is truly an administration interested in communication and transparency, as promised. The sections are:

The Briefing Room (the weekly address, press releases, a blog that is updated several times a day, etc.).

The Agenda, which spells out the list of projects facing the government. I find this section fascinating, and have read every single word, from Civil Rights to Women's Issues. 

The Administration, where you can read about the President, the Executive Office of the President (Economic Council, Security Council, etc.), Michelle Obama, the Bidens, the White House staff, etc. 

The White House, which includes information on Camp David, Air Force One, and the Vice President's residence, in addition to all kinds of facts and the history of the White House itself.

Our Government--read about the three branches of government, elections, voting, the Constitution, etc. 

Contact information is also included. 

It's a great resource and I'm certainly enjoying having all this information in one place. 


Sylvia K said...

It is a great website isn't it? Sure beats what we've had in the past eight years!

Judy said...

Thanks Clairz, I will check it out and put it in my favorites. I am going to send it to my kids also. They are all big Obama fans.