Saturday, April 18, 2009


Not everything in my new room (see recent posts) is recycled trash. I am lucky enough to own a collection of our own Auntie Bucksnort's pieces. My sister does beautiful, delicate, detailed and creative art and I treasure each piece of her work that I have in my house. My new shabby chic room is graced by this wonderful stained glass fan lamp that she made many years ago. 
I am pleased to finally have the fan lamp in the same room as her oval piece that is hanging in the window. They complement each other beautifully, although conceived and executed years apart. 

Here is a detail from the embroidered pillowcases in the room that I made some years ago, after living in New Mexico for the first time had liberated my sense of appropriate color combinations. My approach to handwork is more or less pretty slapdash--just get it done. Obviously, I'm not the artist sister with all the patience and attention to detail!


Beth said...

Auntie Bucksnort's work is beautiful---especially the fan lamp. She is quite gifted. I like your pillowcase, too---I think the colors are very cheerful.

Sylvia K said...

Auntie Bucksnort is defintely very talented and I love your shots! Just beautiful! You're making good use of the things you've found (earlier posts) and I love the colors. Have a great weekend!