Saturday, April 25, 2009

Best of Camping with the Zees

Click on photo to read the sign--you'll be glad you did!

I passed our little camping trailer out on the driveway this morning. We peered at each other sideways, nervously wondering if we would be having any camping adventures soon.

To get myself all geared up for the season to come, I was thinking about some of our previous camping experiences. Several of them have appeared on this blog. Perhaps, if you are thinking about doing any camping, you should look them over, too, just to remind yourself about all the delights awaiting you--lost fishing licenses, unexpectedly empty propane tanks, encounters with snakes, ditto with tarantulas, accidentally drinking live and wiggling flies, dogs who eat leashes, and the all-important Camping Rule #1 (Drink something, anything, to help you remember that camping is fun. Do this before trying to set up the tent trailer).

Here, these will refresh your memory....

Camping with real cowboys

The Bacon's on the Bed, Dear
In which the Zees are introduced to their new-fangled covered wagon

Endless Days at Bottomless Lakes
Endless Days... and Nights
Endless Days... But Beautiful
The dog ate all the leashes! Mmm, these flies taste minty! Oh, no, tarantulas!

Mr. Zee Goes Up
A snake slithers and Mr. Zee unexpectedly learns to fly


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the7msn said...

Lord have mercy, I'm still picturing Mr. Zee going up and up. My, that was fun! I'm going to dole these camping posts out to myself one at a time - they're too rich to consume in just one sitting.

Sylvia K said...

Well, that one got my day off to a great start! I love it! Brought back lots memories of my own!!
Thanks for the giggles!

Jean (aka Auntie Bucksnort) said...

Thanks for the memories (of the trip you brought me along on) and thanks for the reminder of how beautiful those mesquites are!

Beth said...

Your camping stories had me laughing out loud, Clair! Though I must admit shuddering when I saw that picture of the tarantula right beside that shoe. I can't stop thinking of what it would be like to stick my foot in a shoe with a tarantula in it. Yikes.

I look forward to hearing tales of future camping adventures, which hopefully will not involve tarantulas lurking in shoes.