Friday, September 18, 2009

Okay, Here I Am Going on About Craigslist Again

I tried reading that vampire novel today--you know the one, it's got that gorgeous Edward in it. And I discovered that I still have a hard time with some chick lit. That would be the kind of book that doles out the description of the heroine in sneaky bits like where she stares at herself in the mirror and notices her own anxious brown eyes... Or where little advertisements are slipped in: [I] spotted Edward leaning motionlessly against his polished silver Volvo.

I yawned, I fidgeted, and I finally took a little nap. There was still plenty of reading time left, however, so I used it all up by perusing The Best of Craigslist. This was a much better use of my time: I giggled, I snorted, and I wiped away tears of laughter [from my sparkling green eyes].

You really ought to take the time to read these. I've done all the hard work for you by wading through the porky ones and the pornish ones and the other ones that are written from the point of view of the spunky girl in the hijab [notice her flashing dark brown eyes] who just wants to have fun (Confessions of a Muslim Chick).

So, here is my short list of the Best of the Best:

Large, dirty fish tank, contents

That was no brindle "chow" (Warning: This one is bittersweet)

That's about as far as I can go. If you want to read about bathtub incidents, a load-cell company in India regrettably named Fairy Sensors, or what people want to trade for bookshelf assembly, you are on your own.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Crazy stuff. I'm not into vampires or silly chick novels, either. ut those CL best-of posts sure are entertaining.
My fave was: Mingus, Dinky, Cleopatra, and Prickly Pete.

That's a lot of money to buy a cockroach. lol!


Beth said...

Oh my...that was hilarious. Without a doubt, "Large, dirty fish tank, contents" was my favorite. Wonderful writing---it could stand alone as a short story.

Thanks for sharing that, Clair.

Quiet Paths said...

My husband is addicted to reading Craigslist and not just for the boat ads.It makes good blogging material just for the laughs themselves.

Re Twilight.I am reading it now too since Aly's girlfriend has it -- why not. I should see what has turned my beloved Forks into a destination for Twihards. If she writes more line about Edward "snickering" and his perfect face, I'm going to lose it.