Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bertie Sings Mariachi

Sometimes there is an idle summer afternoon on the front porch.
A small quantity of beer may or may not be involved.

Perhaps the neighbors have a live mariachi band playing across the road.
Everyone knows that chihuahuas love mariachi music and that some of them even like to sing along.

Our little Bertie Pierre is no exception.

Sometimes people make little videos that should only be shown to understanding family members, some of whom will shrug and roll their eyes; and some of whom will howl and sing along.

This is one of those videos. Please don't look. I'm warning you.

That disembodied and demanding voice belongs to the director of this little production, who gets very tense behind the camera.

And yes, it turns out that YouTube is just full of chihuahuas singing mariachi. I'd suggest you spend an idle summer afternoon looking at some of them.


You must check out the complete Adventures of Bertie Pierre.


Mary Hulser said...

Believe it or not, this REALLY makes me want to be there.....also reminds me of John, the 19yr old I tutor...
"singing" with me.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Too, too funny! I had a little chihuahua when I was a teenager. They crack me up...wirey little time stealers! Cute video!

becky said...

That is too funny Clair! Idle days like that are awesome... looks like retirement is treating you (and Bertie P) well!

Anonymous said...

I sure needed that! I am still laughing because Jill(the Basset Hound) is trying to find the new dog here that sings! Jill is going around and around the room knowing I have a new dog hid somewhere.

Good job Bertie!

Have a great day.

clairz said...

Mary, I keep saying it, I know, but you WILL get here.

Deb, I love the phrase "wirey little time stealers!" That's a perfect description of little Bert.

Becky, we're all about idleness here at the Pecan House, whenever we can schedule some!

And, Pam, I am so glad to hear that Jill got the doggy message (whatever it was). I tried and tried to edit this video, but every time I played it Bert was up in my lap, singing along. He actually seemed to be singing the same doggy words--there is so much we don't know about animal communication. They must think us very slow and hard to train.

Jean (aka Auntie Bucksnort) said...

I'd love to watch this again but Spike and Lili break into howls when I play it. They miss their little cousin Peepare!