Monday, March 14, 2011

The City Goes Green With Goats

Goats doing what goats do
The City of Las Cruces Public Works Dept. recently decided to try out goats for weed control at a local drainage pond. I was lucky to get this shot, as the goats had just about completed their job of ridding the area of tall weeds that were acting as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. A few days later, the herd was moved elsewhere to help out with another project.

The neighborhood where the pond is located is called "Chiva Town" for the goats that were once commonly kept in yards nearby. You can read an article about this "green" weed control project in the El Paso Times.


becky said...

That is so awesome!

Martha Z said...

Our homeowner's association does the same thing. It's a lot of fun in the spring when the ewes and goats are having babies. Everyone brings there grandchildren to look at the little lambs and kids.

matron said...

What a wonderful idea,green indeed and a very cheap way of controlling weeds.!!
I know goats will eat almost anything,we used to have them at the farm and they ate not only the nettles,but every thing in the garden including the veg we were trying to grow.!
I am glad you managed to get this picture to show us.

JC said...

Cool photo.

Sandy ~~~ said...

Great idea..around here they use them for blackberry munching!

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Great idea! ...and I'm still in love with your header!!

Joyful said...

I've only recently heard of this idea (goats eating city grasses, etc.) in another city. This must be a growing trend and a wonderful idea.