Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Surprised by Joy*: A Story You Won't Want to Miss

I don't want anyone to miss this story of a little roping donkey who was stuck in an awful life of abuse, pain, and terror. I am telling you about this little guy because I know you will want to hear the happy ending. The news these past days has been so awful that it is wonderful to be grabbing for tissues to mop up tears of joy, instead of sorrow.

It begins with this March 3rd post on the blog, Morning Bray Farm, where we first were introduced to a forgotten little donkey: Agony. Everyone who read about him was haunted by his sad plight, and many tried to come up with a solution for him. (Be sure to read all the comments on each post).

Then came wonderful news on March 14th: He Will Never Be Roped Again. It was a short post, just to let readers know he had been rescued.

Today's post gave the details of how Patrick came home to a safe and loving place.

It gets even better. Two more donkey bloggers (betcha didn't know there was such a thing) from New Mexico and Oregon came to Justina's aid at Morning Bray Farm to help out when she had to be away at work. You can read their accounts and see lots more photos of Patrick's first interactions with caring humans.

They are (and I was kidding with the "donkey blogger" label--you'll see that they blog about way more):

Linda of the 7MSN Ranch: A Lucky Donkey Finds His Pot of Gold

Danni of On the Way to Critter Farm: I Saw Magic Happen Today

There! In a world filled with tragic news from Japan, I can offer you no more heartwarming story. So get out the box of tissues and prepare for joy.

Then we can get back to figuring out how to help the suffering people in Japan: See 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami for crisis response resources.


*Surprised by Joy is the title of a book by C.S. Lewis; I have always loved the phrase


the7msn said...

Thank you for spreading the news on this little guy. Who doesn't love a happy ending?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this Clair!!! Hugs!!!

Jean (aka Auntie Bucksnort) said...

Thank you for this wonderful story.

Ms. Becky said...

I cannot begin to tell you how much I needed this today. thanks. very very much.

becky said...

Yay for Patrick & your bloggy friends that rescued him! A great story Clair. Gosh, I hope those people don't get another "roping donkey."

Sandy ~~~ said...

I insist on happy endings! Our donkey guy, Pistol Pete, came from a sad existence, dropped off by his previous owners into a strange field in the middle of the night!

JC said...

I read about his rescue. At least one is saved ...

clairz said...

You all can read Pistol Pete's happy ending story here. He's a sweetie!

Linda said...

Heartwarming. Poor wee beasitie.
I have the C.S.Lewis book - I return to it often.

charlotte g said...

I will dig back in my blogs for my review of a book called :The Wisdom of Donkeys", well worth reading.

C.S. Lewis? Oh. I am trying to gird myself for a Lenton study of "Screwtape Letters," considered his best satire. I recently HAD to read "Merely Christian" and muttered all the way through. He delights some and infuriates others. I am probably one of the others.

Danni said...

Thank you for all your kind comments on my recent posts and thank you for linking to me through this post! As you experienced with us, it was truly an amazing few days on Morning Bray Farm earlier this week - and continues to be now, though I don't get to be there any more to witness it. (sniff)
Now that I'm back in Oregon, I can spend some time getting to know some new blogging friends (you) through their blogs!