Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spinning Kai: Washing the Fiber

This is Kai after her haircut. I swiped this photo from Danni's blog here.

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the luscious chocolate-colored Kai Llama fiber from Danni's place in Oregon (see Getting Ready to Spin). I've been working away, preparing the fleece for spinning. It's so nice to be able to work on it outside, because it can be a messy job.

Here is the fleece, just as it came from Kai.
Danni offered to sort the fleece, but I said to just send the whole thing.

On our hot summer days the water straight from the hose is nice and warm.
The fiber got a short soaking.

This mesh chair was a handy place to dry the fiber, since it could drip on the patio

The next step, hand picking or teasing, takes patience and a lot of time. I will show you what that looks like in a few days.


Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

...looking forward to the rest of this! I have never seen it done! You are just full of surprises.

Mildred said...

Very interesting!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful shots. And thanks for visiting my place and taking the time to comment;o)

¤ Happy week ¤

Danni said...

Oh wow...I'll bet that bucket of water after you took the fiber out was a really pretty color... (heh heh...ewwwwww!) :-)
Great pictures!
And how funny that I featured Kai in my latest blog, too - lucky girl, I wonder if her ears are burning. lol

matron said...

I do hope you show us how you spin the fibre,because my Granddaughter wants me to show her how to spin the wool she keeps gathering from the fences round the farm.SO,I will be very interested in a lesson on spinning,PLEASE.

clairz said...
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clairz said...

I hope everyone gets a chance to look at Danni's blog, On the Way to Critter Farm, today. Kai had a big adventure with a coyote that will have you cheering!

Carolyn, I will be happy to document every step of the spinning process. When I'm done, I'll make an index that will go up at the top of the blog where "The Adventures of Bertie Pierre" page is.

Georgia said...

can't wait to see the next installment!!! such an amazing process!! thanks btw for visiting my blog and helping with the miracle makeover :0)