Monday, November 28, 2011


When I first retired and started writing this blog, my profile included this statement : 

Who knew that retirement would be so much fun? I enjoyed working with kids and books and technology as a school librarian, but now I love having time to myself for walking, riding my bike, taking photos, reading, researching, volunteering, knitting, writing, gardening, and blogging.

Well, who knew that retirement would hold such surprises? I just updated that rather solitary-sounding list of individual (or couple) activities to include, first on the list: 

but now I love having time to get together with friends

We've only lived here for two years now, but I had to smile when I looked out at all the cars parked along the road on Thanksgiving Day. We had a dozen friends at the table, and most of them are people we didn't know when we first moved here. 

Good old Las Cruces--it's a friendly place and we are so lucky to have so many wonderful new friends. 


Linda said...

That all sounds just perfect. I'm sure the friendly place must help, but it must also be one of the joys of retirement to have time to nurture friendships.

Ms. Becky said...

what a beautiful post. the number of cars out front speaks to what a lovely lovely person you are Clair. I haven't even met you and yet this is what I know. I hope you had a wonderful holiday with those friends. isn't life grand? about that china on my table. that set was gifted my by my aunt Marie shortly before her death. she had several complete sets and gave me my choice of any at both her homes. I chose that one - Blue Dawn. I love the traditional feel to it and the colors and I'll always treasure it as it's my only china and I use it every holiday when friends are over. as of yet I've not broken a single piece, which for me is amazing, considering I put it in the dishwasher. maybe that's why it's still safe though... happy week to you Clair.

becky said...

That's awesome, Clair. Glad you've "connected" in such a short period of time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds just wonderful!

Morning Bray Farm said...

Good for you. I think I'm still where you were when you first retired. :) I love your blog header photo - so warm and inviting.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Has it already been 2 years? I remember first reading your blog when you were in Eastern NM and planning a move to live in Pecos, NM.
Wow. Time flies and plans change....sometimes for the better, right?