Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bertie Knits

Bertie Pierre, though just a small dog, has a vast capacity for big adventures. Why, just this morning as I was having a second cup of coffee, he enrolled Gracie the cat in Knitting Lessons. (Click any photo to enlarge it).

Bertie surveys his work-in-progress under Weetzie's disapproving gaze. Note that Gracie is nowhere in sight. She was later found vigorously washing her shoulders, far from this scene.

When I suggested that he was perhaps the only culprit and that there were, in fact, no actual Knitting Lessons, I got this response: "Who, me?"

Cleaning up the mess was a lot of work. Poor little Bertie was completely exhausted and ready for a nap, although it was still only 7:30 AM.

With the yarn all gathered and the mess all tidied, Bertie suddenly spied the crochet hook. "Yoo hoo, oh, Gracie, want to take some Crocheting Lessons?"
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Beth said...

Hee, hee...I'm really enjoying the Bertie/Gracie adventures, Clair. I love the expression on Bertie's face in that second picture. And he looks so innocent in the third one---like a perfect angel.

What a great story! Or should I say "yarn"? :-)

Rain Trueax said...

That's really cute :)

2sweetnsaxy said...

Cute. :-) Can't turn you back for a second, huh?