Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Log Cabin Baby Blankets

Here are three variations of log cabin knitting, done up for baby blankets. The first two were done in one big square from the center out; the third was made in four squares that could have been put together in a number of ways. Unfortunately, it has a number of errors in it and is, as they say around here, best viewed from the back of a galloping horse passing by.

Speaking of errors, that first one should have had a dark blue square in place of the light blue square in the middle for the pattern to have made more sense. Ah, well.

I believe I like the middle one best, as it reminds me somewhat of some Amish quilts (made of solid color fabrics) that I have seen.


Jean (aka Auntie Bucksnort) said...

Your selfless tireless zenlike generosity (constantly knitting blankets and sweaters for babies far and wide) deserves some kind of honor... so I'm hereby bestowing upon you the Big Heart Award!!!!

Linda said...

I vote for the first one done in a variety of bright colors.

I like to knit but I also like to crochet and I find baby blankets go much faster in crochet and there's some wonderful patterns. Crochet does take more yarn though. I admire you for knitting all these lovely things.