Monday, July 13, 2009

Movies Filmed in New Mexico

Zia Theater mural, Fort Sumner, NM

I've tried before to compile a list of movies filmed in this state, but it's kind of a moving target so I've decided to leave it up to the professionals. Here is what I can find online.

Top Movies Filmed in New Mexico (indexed by location for all states)--I notice, however, that they've left out Believe in Me, filmed in Clovis.

State Theater, Clovis NM

FilmNewMexico, which features an online search by genre, title, and location, and is updated each year

Movies Filmed in New Mexico Compiled by title and/or year released for New Mexico USA from the Internet Movie DataBase

Zia Theater, Fort Sumner, NM


June Saville said...

Hi Clair
This is off subject, but I thought you might be interested in Judy's post re USA health care on Living on the Other Side of the Hill (and the great comments) and on 70 Plus and Still Kicking - my blog re Australian health care in response to a request from Judy. Again interesting comments.
Very valuable in my view.
June in Oz

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Found you through The Road Not Taken, Erin's blog.
I call New Mexico my home, too. I love finding out new things about our enchanting state, including the movies that have been filmed here.

Thank you for sharing.