Friday, January 15, 2010

Bertie Just Wants to Say

Bertie Just Wants to Say
(With apologies to William Carlos Williams)

Bertie just wants to say
he has lapped up all
the Winter Lager
you spilled on the patio chair

forgive him

it was so cold
and made him so thoughtful



Nan said...

Very, very funny! We have friends who still tell the story of their late cocker spaniel getting into the champagne on New Year's Eve, and spending the night on the couch with her paws over her eyes, much like Mr. Bertie. :<) In the Irish Country books series I've been reading, there's a labrador who goes to the pub and is served in a bowl under the table.

Brenda's Arizona said...

HAHA! WCW would be rollin' his eyes, for sure!

Linda said...

The top picture is fantistic. Bertie is wonderful.

JC said...

Cute ...

Quiet Paths said...

Har! This is really funny and what truly adorable photos.