Saturday, January 2, 2010

Trail to La Cueva

Along the road up to Dripping Springs

Rock formations along the trail

La Cueva is at the base of one of these huge rocks

Happy New Year to everyone!

I wanted to share these photos that I took when Auntie Bucksnort and I went for a little hike up in the Organ Mountains a couple of weeks ago. These are the mountains that I see from my pillow every morning when first opening my eyes.

Once we left the Dripping Springs Visitor Center, we were headed for La Cueva, a cave with a lot of history and prehistory. We somehow missed the fork in the trail and accidentally saw whole new areas that I had never seen before. Because we were figuring on a short walk to the cave, we left our water in the car (it was my fault), and our extended hike was a clear illustration of why one should always be prepared for anything when hiking in this desert climate. We kept moving along the wrong trail, hoping that each turn would bring us to something that looked familiar. Nothing did, and we eventually retraced our steps and found the right fork in the trail and continued on to our original destination.

Entering the arroyo

Tuesday: Two very different habitats meet in a mountain arroyo

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