Sunday, January 3, 2010

Books Read in 2010

Abbey: Fire on the mountain

Arnosky: Watching desert wildlife

Beaton: Death of a cad

Beaton: Death of a dustman

Berg: Open house

Bradley: Imperial cruise; a secret history of empire and war (read a review from the New York Times)

Brocket: The gentle art of domesticity

Bryson: A short history of nearly everything

Burkett, Douglas W.: Amphibians and Reptiles of White Sands Missile Range; Field guide 2008

Cabeza de Baca: We fed them cactus

Carroll: From the teeth of angels

Carroll: The ghost in love

Chen: A year in Upper Felicity; life in a Chinese village during the Cultural Revolution

Childs: The secret knowledge of water

Cleaveland: No life for a lady

Cunkle: Kokopelli's cook book

Delany: In the shadow of the glacier

Delany: Winter of secrets

Doctorow: Homer & Langley

Evanovich: Fearless fourteen

Evanovich: Finger lickin' fifteen

Evans: Promise me

Flowers: A science odyssey; 100 years of discovery

Goudge: The golden skylark and other stories

Grimes: The Black Cat

Grimes: Dust

Grimes: The Old Wine Shades

Grimes: The Winds of Change

Hazen-Hammond: Only in Santa Fe

Hessler: Oracle bones; a journey between China's past and present

Hunner: Las Cruces

Jensen: The sisters from Hardscrabble Bay

Krumgold: ... And now Miguel

Le Guin: The farthest shore

Le Guin: The other wind

Le Guin: Tales from Earthsea

Le Guin: Tehanu

Le Guin: The tombs of Atuan

Le Guin: A wizard of Earthsea

Lin-Liu: Serve the people; a stir-fried journey through China

Livesey: Eva moves the furniture

MacDonald: Finding footprints; tracking the path of scientific discovery

MacLeod: Something in the water

MacLeod: Vane pursuit

Marcus: Golden legacy; how Golden Books won children's hearts, changed publishing forever, and became an American icon along the way

McCall Smith: The careful use of compliments (Isabel Dalhousie Novel, No.4)

McCall Smith: The comforts of a muddy Saturday (Isabel Dalhousie Novel, No.5)

McCall Smith: Finer points of sausage dogs (Portuguese Irregular Verbs, No. 2)

McCall Smith: Friends, lovers, chocolate (Sunday Philosophy Club/Isabel Dalhousie Novel, No. 2)

McCall Smith: La's orchestra saves the world

McCall Smith: The right attitude to rain (Isabel Dalhousie Novel, No. 3)

McCall Smith: The unbearable lightness of scones (44 Scotland Street Series)

Menzies: 1421; the year China discovered America (you will find interesting discussions of the book here and here)

Moore: Cricket in the web; the 1949 unsolved murder that unraveled politics in New Mexico

Moore: Dirty job*

Moore: Island of the sequined love nun

Moore: Practical demonkeeping

Moore: The risk of infidelity index

Moore: The stupidest angel

New Mexico farms and ranches: Folks and fixin's

New Mexico Magazine's More of the best from New Mexico kitchens

Niffenegger: Her fearful symmetry

Pillsbury: Roots in adobe

Pillsbury: Star over adobe

Powell: Julie & Julia

Priestley: Journeys of faith; the story of Preacher and Edith Lewis

Quinn: Dog on it

Quinn: Thereby hangs a tail

Rendell: Not in the flesh

Richardson: Bachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast

Richardson: Bachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast pillow book

Seton: Green darkness

Seton: Katherine

Seton: The turquoise

Siddons: Colony

Siddons: Downtown

Siddons: Hill towns

Siddons: Islands

Siddons: Off season

Siddons: Sweetwater Creek

Taylor: The Asey Mayo trio

Taylor: Counter culture; the American coffee shop waitress

Taylor: An Irish country doctor

Taylor: An Irish country village

Tweit: Barren, wild, and worthless; living in the Chihuahuan Desert

van de Wetering: Outsider in Amsterdam

Walsh: An Irish country childhood

Walsh: It's all too much; an easy plan for living a richer life with less stuff

West: Mermaids in the basement

Winspear: Messenger of truth

Winspear: Pardonable lies


*Buck, this is the book for you. It may be perfect for you, too, Pat. Read it and tell me if you think that Mary would like it.


Judy said...

Hope your New Year has started out good. I will check out this book. I need something to read. Our temp. was 6 degrees this morning with a wind chill of 3 below. BRRR!

JC said...

I need to read more. I have a pile of books to read ...

Nan said...

The Domesticity book sounds wonderful. I think I recall Karen at the Cornflower blog reading this a while back. I love your header picture.