Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dogs in the Market

I've been showing you some photos from the Las Cruces Farmers Market over the last couple of days and I wanted to end the series with some dog photos. They were really taken as an afterthought last Saturday because I was mainly there to shoot food as part of a Digital Photography class assignment. Next time I think I'll find a better vantage point to shoot from--something low and stationery, so I can really do these doggy personalities justice.

For now, here are some shots caught on the fly.

Some of the dogs at the market are there because they are available for adoption from the local shelter; this dog walker wears a sign that says "ask me about this dog"

Some dogs come dressed in their favorite outfits; some come sporting their best beards and mustaches!

Not all the dogs have to walk; some come in strollers or, in the case of this little fellow, a wagon that will also carry home his family's purchases

This natty guy is getting famous; he always shows up with his scarf and sunglasses

I'll end with this picture of one of the mariachi bands that give such an air of fiesta to the market


Kate said...

I'm surprised that dogs are allowed in your market. I had read somewhere that canines are part of the Santa Fe culture and very welcome. However, I think this is a fantasy since I keep reading "No dogs allowed" in an awful lot of places. Nor are dogs allowed in the SF Farmers Market!

JC said...

I like your dog photos !!!

Unseen India Tours said...

BEautiful Dogs !! So cute !! Nice series !!Unseen Rajasthan