Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Travels with Andy: Some Really Good Reading

I've been spending a bit of time every day reading Andy Baird's blog, Travels with Andy. He tells about his experiences on the road as a full-time RVer, and how he discovered that he could retire at 55 and live very comfortably.

Some years back, Andy learned in a retirement seminar that he wouldn't be able to even think about retiring until he had savings, pension, and Social Security income to equal 80-90% of his working salary, and he figured out that would mean having at least $800,000 in the bank. Discouraged, he formulated another approach--the "die at your desk" plan, which essentially meant that he would never be able to retire.

To see how he got from that low point to being able to retire at age 55, you will have to read the website. Even if you aren't interested in becoming a full-time RVer (I'm not, although Andy makes it sound awfully good), you will still learn about culling your possessions, selling your home, living well on a reduced income, buying the best digital camera, taking wonderful photographs, traveling on a shoestring, which state has the best parks, designing space-saving storage, how Amazon.com's membership can pay off, all about buying a Mac (computer) and/or a new car for a rock bottom price (without raising your blood pressure or losing your dignity), and lots and lots of other wonderful things that keep me up reading about Andy's world late into the night.

You'll also find that you can help support Andy's website by using this address (bookmark it to make it easy) each time you go to the Amazon.com page to place an order. It doesn't cost you anything, but Andy gets a few cents for each referral. If I haven't explained the process clearly, just go to Andy's Shameless Commerce page to read about how it works in Andy's own words.

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Kate said...

Well, I think I'll hop right over there since I have terrible wanderlust. Might pick up a few clues!