Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Las Cruces Farmers Market: The Food

The homework assignment this week for my Digital Photography course was to take photos of food, so a stroll through the Las Cruces Farmers Market this past Saturday was just perfect. It's too bad that I didn't get photos of the green chile spring rolls that Beez is still talking about.

It will be interesting to see what we learn to do as far as editing our food photos. Be sure to click on any photo to enlarge it slightly.


Dried chile ristra

There were all kinds of herbs ready to plant

Grass for cats?

The kettle corn man stirs a batch while his customers line up, drawn by the delicious smell

Bean sprouts

I like the way the colorful tablecloth was reflected in these jars of honey

Honey warmed by the sun

Even though the bags say "Onions" they were filled with dried red chiles


JC said...

I have a small market near my beach place. I love going there. Yours look so nice ... so, what did you buy ?

I get handmade soap & flowers from mine. And, a few apples too.

clairz said...

JC, we got some red chile honey! It is amazing, nice and hot, and probably a little addictive. I hope it will help me with the new allergies I seem to have acquired here.

Powell River Books said...

I give you an A+ got your assignment. I can hardly wait for our farmer's market to open at the end of April. - Margy

Kate said...

A great variety of products and colours! Love the looks of the honey!! Watch out for Pooh Bear!

Sandy ~~~ said...

Hi there....just came over to visit from the 7MSN. I love your farmer's market photos, 'specially the one of the kettle corn man! I have started a kettle corn biz too and our first job/pleasure will be the Issaquah Farmer's Market on 4/10. Love the idea with the mirror...hmmm, need to try that!