Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Intrepid Naturalists Explore the Desert at Night, Part 2

As part of the Nighttime in the Desert program that we attended last weekend, we were privileged to meet several volunteers who knew a lot about the arthropods that are found in the desert where we live. Here are some photos (click to enlarge) of the specimens they had collected. I am especially fond of the arachnids in the third photo:

There was also a live scorpion in a cage, displayed along with some black lights. Because scorpions fluoresce or glow under black light, they are easy to see in the dark with the aid of one of these lights. My photo didn't turn out so well, but if you will check out this article on scorpions you can learn more about scorpions and see a photo of one under a black light.

The next learning station up the trail was attracting a lot of attention. Take a look at this close up photo and see if you can guess the subject of tomorrow's Intrepid Naturalists post:

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Northanna said...

eeeek. That looks like the skin of a snake. Correct? BTW, are you in LC or CL?