Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Running Past the Pole: Landscape Photography

What I learned in my Digital Photography Class, Part 7

My photography instructor was able to touch on the subject of landscape photography only briefly, due to the very limited number of classes in our short course. I am hoping that we will be able to spend a little more time on the subject in the next course that he teaches.

In the meantime, here are some points that he made:

Don't just take a photo of distant hills--frame the landscape with some close-by flowers, branches, or other objects to make the photo more interesting.


More interesting when framed by tree in foreground (but darn that telephone wire!)

Use a wide angle lens for landscape shots to get a better view

This shot might have been better if taken with the wide-angle lens that is on my shopping list

Always remember the light: Shoot on overcast or cloudy days; or at the beginning or the end of sunny days when the light source comes from a low angle

Remember that the best sky views and colors often come not at the moment of sunset, but just after, when the sun--even though below the horizon--is still reflecting its light up into the sky

Sunsets are always better when there are some clouds in the sky (sounds like a philosophy to me!)

Scout out some good locations ahead of time, so when the light is right (or when it is about to be right!) you can dash to your perfect spot as quickly as you can to take advantage of the opportunity. My patio has a wonderful view of the mountains, for example, but that darned telephone pole is right in the way. All I have to do is to remember to remain publicly presentable at all times so that when the moment comes, I can run past the pole to get my perfect picture!


T Fab P said...

"(but darn that telephone wire!)" - This is what photoediting software is for, PhotoShop being one of the best but very complicated. Elements is a PhotoShop simpler version but still a bit geeky. Sounds like a Photoshop class is next on the list! That would take care of that wire, once and for all!

clairz said...

Exactly, Peng--dealing with the telephone wire via Photoshop will be the third class in the series. Maybe you'll be here by then to take it with me?

First, after digesting all this stuff from the Basic class, I plan to take the Advanced class--although I don't feel at all "advanced!" That's just what the next class is called.

JC said...

Like superwoman, have your good outfit on under your bathrobe LOL

Kate said...

I'm inspired to take a digital photography class!

Ps. I've been travelling back to Mn. the past few days without ready access to the internet; therefore I haven't been commenting very much. I'm still posting from Santa fe since I scheduled it before we left. Hope to be back soon!

Webster said...

You need to get yourself a muumuu. Or a regular ole house dress.
Bathrobes work well in a pinch. Really, they do.