Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Macro Photography

What I learned in my Digital Photography Class, Part 6

Taking macro shots is just old-fashioned close-up photography done with new-fangled equipment, as far as I can tell. My digital camera has a flower on its mode dial that allows me to move in and fill the frame with the subject close-up. According to our instructor, you focus for macro shots by moving in as closely as the camera will allow you. With my camera, that's about 8 inches. You should be aware that you will have limited depth of field when this close, so you should take care to focus carefully on the most important element in your picture.

Again, just as in shooting portraits, one wants to fill the frame completely. And, as we discussed in the post, On the Subject of Light, low-angle lighting works well.

At least, low angle lighting worked for this photo, below. As I told you in an earlier post, I carted this poor little bowl of Cheerios, bananas, and strawberries everywhere--indoors under artificial lighting and by windows, then outdoors with the low, just rising sun lighting it from the side. I liked the latter lighting best.

I am usually frugal with file sizes, but this photo looks best when viewed in great detail, so I have given you a much larger file than usual. Be sure to click on the small photo below to view it.

By the way, I just noticed that the banana slice on the right has a perfect little face, full of rueful expression and a realization of impending doom! If only I had noticed it in time, I might have sold it on e-Bay!

See the macro tutorial by Philip Greenspun on photo.net. It will get you started and includes a discussion of lenses to add to your shopping list.


JC said...

That's one of the best bowls of cereal I've ever seen ^,,^

T Fab P said...

Been wanting to tell you about a photographer's blog that I read - Scott Bourne, from WA. He is good and offers lots of good tips on his site - http://photofocus.com/
Keep up the good work. I do love your pix and look forward to them. BTW the portrait of AB was just wonderful. I am a big fan of B&W portraits - I feel like they let the emotion thru that way. Great!

clairz said...

Peng, thanks for the link. I'm working on a post of great photography resources, and Scott's blog will fit in perfectly!

Glad you liked the portrait (in Shooting Portraits)!

And, JC, thank you, as always, for your support.