Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another BSJ Completed

I have almost finished another Baby Surprise Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmermann's amazing and famous pattern.* I just have to crochet a bit around the edges, but I wanted to get this posted during my break from election issues.

My intention with the colors was to evoke an ice cream sherbet kind of combination--orange, peach, and raspberry. I want you to know that these combinations appear everywhere in New Mexico--in gardens, as well as in clothing. I don't know--the yarns were all very nice when separate, but I'm not sure I like what the peach does to the raspberry when they appear in the same garment.

If you will click on the photos to enlarge them, you will see that I have put in some labels to help you figure out how the stripes are placed.

*I'm afraid that if you want the pattern, you will have to buy the Knitting Workshop book where the pattern is published, as this stuff is naturally copyrighted.


Margie's Musings said...

Those are simply beautiful Clair.

Linda said...

Gracious, you must knit with the speed of light. I'm a slow knitter. I'm impressed.

clairz said...

I tend to carry my knitting everywhere and knit whenever I am waiting for someone else and, of course, when wasting time watching campaign coverage. I guess that's a lot of waiting and watching.

And I knit faster and faster with political stuff going on in the background. It saves grinding my teeth!

I read about a Knit for Kids knitter who actually knit while on her exercise bike. Ridiculous! But a nice combination of passivity and action, I think.

Akkire said...

clair, what great colors for a baby sweater! i'm a little jealous of little tykes - they get to wear all the crazy color combos they want with no judgment :) Matter of fact, really elderly people do to...wait a minute...they're on to something!

clairz said...

Yeah, poor little kid, wearing grandma colors.