Thursday, October 16, 2008

My New Blog

Since having a blog is so much fun, I've decided to have two. I hope that you will visit Recipes for Ben, which I started working on a few days ago.

My son Ben lives all the way across the country in New York City. I'm sure he mostly eats take-out, but sometimes he calls up to ask about a recipe he remembers from his childhood. Writing this new blog will be the next best thing to cooking for him.

If you are a blogger, you will be interested to note that the feature that allows you to list your labels on the sidebar works really well for a recipe blog, eliminating the need for any other system of indexing.

One other note--I would love to include photos of the dishes that I cook, but my food photography is really, really bad. I study food blogs to try to understand where I am going wrong, but I haven't figured out how to make things better. Take a look at the blog, Desert Candy, for some very nice food photography done by the blogger, Mercedes; or Jane Brocket's tasty photos on the baking section of her blog, Yarnstorm. I'll keep admiring their photos, and working to improve mine.


Sylvia K said...

We are busy bees these days -- I've just begun a second blog for all the photos that friends have sent me and that I've made myself since my son Adam handed me his digital camera and told me to go have fun -- and I have. I'll be checking out your recipes, can always use some new ones. Thanks!

June Saville said...

Looking forward to the new blog ... and I like the new look of the old one. Nice uncluttered feel.
June in Oz