Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Small Question

I'm curious about a small point, and I realize that it is indeed a small one--nothing earthshaking. In the Presidential Debate this evening, why did John McCain keep saying that Sarah Palin has a good reason to know a lot about autism? The Palins' littlest child has Down Syndrome, not autism. Autism is rarely diagnosed before a child is 3 years old, although recent studies show that it may be spotted when the child is less than half that age.

Is he confused, or did I miss something? Comments are welcomed.


Linda said...

I noticed that as well. I think he was having a "senior" moment or a "brain fart" as my kids used to say. When you're mad you don't think well.

I think Obama didn't dare correct him for fear it would make him look like he was trying to show McCain incompitent.

I expected McCain to be fiesty tonight but did not expect such anger. David Gergen said McCain's performance was an "exercise in
anger management." I agree.

Sylvia K said...

Ah, who knows???? I absolutely love you, Clariz! I surely wish we could actually meet someday. What a delight you have helped make blogging for me.

Margie's Musings said...

It's just another case of McCain being old and confused. I'll bet his people winced every time he said that. And he said it several times.

clairz said...

Linda, I love it when McCain does that smile of his, indicating anger and incipient dyspepsia. Kind of like a baby, except for the anger part.

Margie, my people often wince at what I say but then, I'm not running for anything. I wonder what Sarah Palin thought, hearing that she knows more about autism than almost anyone. I also wonder if McCain thinks "disabled" and stops there--if you've got one disability, you've got them all.

And Sylvia. Thank you for your lovely comment. If you remember back to the Towanda incident on this blog (she got angry with me over politics and stopped reading) you might remember that she once loved me, too. Good thing you and I agree on the political front. But let's promise never to get angry with each other.

Cheryl Ann said...

He doesn't KNOW what he is talking about, that's why! He just spouts out words. I noticed it, too.