Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wasting Time

Peonies in my old New Hampshire garden
If time be of all things the most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality.
~Benjamin Franklin

Watching the debate last night, I found myself wishing that Senator McCain would stop making the same old accusations that Senator Obama has already answered again and again. Here was a chance for us to hear some substance from the candidates and the old man kept wasting our time.

In the interest of wasting a little more, I'm sharing a couple of statements making the email rounds.

If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in Delta Airlines one year ago, you would have $49.00 today.

If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in AIG one year ago, you would have $33.00 today.

If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in Lehman Brothers one year ago, you would have $0.00 today.

But, if you purchased $1,000 worth of beer one year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the aluminum cans for recycling refund, you would have received $214.00.

Based on the above, the best current investment plan is to drink heavily and recycle. It is called the 401-Keg.

A recent study found that the average American walks about 900 miles a year.

Another study found that Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons of alcohol a year.

That means that, on average, Americans get about 41 miles to the gallon!

Makes you proud to be an American!


Sylvia K said...

What a hoot! I got those, too. These days I'll take anything I can get for a chuckle or a laugh, they're a little hard to find.

Margie's Musings said...

Wow! That was some post!

Denise said...

I like your observations on the return on investments...makes that yarn stash I've been investing in look more and more valuable!

clairz said...

Denise, you're right. Those of us with a yarn stash might be the richest ones of all.

Goodness, I went over to check out your blogs and seem to have been gone for hours. Went from there to see Knitty, too.

Always glad to meet another knitter!