Thursday, June 18, 2009

BioSpot Update

Sweet Leny (another rescue dog)

Oh, my, there are lots of things going on with the Zees these days--all good. I'll be sharing some photos, etc. very soon showing what we've been up to lately.

But first (my sister's practically patented phrase), I have an update on the BioSpot situation here. You may or may not recall that I was in a big tizzy a couple of months ago about the terrible reaction our poor dog, Leny, had to an application of BioSpot. I was advised by that nice James TerBush of BioSpotVictims.Org, to file a claim with the company and did so.

I was pretty cynical about any success because when I phoned them they more or less blew me off with "an experienced vet's" analysis of our situation and a complete refusal to see any connection between the BioSpot application on Leny and her ensuing grand mal seizures.

However, I am so amazed!!! Yesterday I got a check in the mail from these people, reimbursing me for not only the cost of the product, but my veterinary expenses as well, so the check totaled $249.08.

As far as I am concerned, this means that they are willing to admit liability for problems caused by their product.

Interesting note though--the computer printout accompanying the check just has a bunch of numbers, but someone has handwritten "Veterinary expense reimbursement and Bio Spot refund"--as though they didn't want a permanent record anywhere.

Once again, for those wanting to file a claim: The phone number for the Risk Manager/Consumer Relations for BioSpot is 1-800-234-2269, ext. 2259.

Have the box of Biospot that you used handy, and a copy of your vet bill. They will ask you to submit the following:

1. Proof of purchase for the BioSpot that gave you the problem--either a receipt or the bar code from the package.

2. A copy of your vet bill.

3. A copy of the vet's notes from your visit.

By the way, after the BioSpot was discontinued and washed thoroughly off her skin, and once Leny got it out of her system, and once she completed a month's dosage of phenobarbitol to prevent further seizures, Leny has been just fine. No more seizures. And no fleas, interestingly enough--even without the application of deadly chemicals.

Update, May 2013: After we moved from Clovis (where Leny had the trouble with BioSpot) to Las Cruces, our new vet advised that there aren't any fleas where we live, so there is no need for anything to be applied to any of our dogs here.

However, I spoke too soon regarding the cessation of Leny's seizures. She continues to have grand mal seizures, usually one a month. We have no way of knowing if the onset of seizure activity was caused by the BioSpot or not.

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Nan said...

What an important public service to post this. There is a lot of press about the increase in epilepsy in dogs. Thank you for this information. I don't think I 'knew' you when our beloved collie, MacIntosh died.