Thursday, June 25, 2009

Luck? The Role of Superstition in Our Decision to Choose Life

The view from our potential porch

We moved here to the High Plains because of Beez's job, and because it was a way to get back to New Mexico--but we never really thought we would want to stay here always in this eastern part of the state. Oh, the cowboys made for very good scenery, and we tried to imagine ourselves living permanently in the Bible Belt, among the cattle and a Republican majority, but it wasn't really the place for us. Besides, we longed for the sight of mountains.

At one point we thought we should locate our retirement home very close to doctors and hospitals. We are both in good health, but we were thinking well, just in case... And then I realized that we were being awfully cautious and sacrificing quality of life for perceived safety. Reading Linda's "ranch blog" (as it is known at our house) has always reminded me that a little risk is a wonderful thing--thus, our new plan to jump off into a far more simple, rural, and satisfying life.

So, instead of looking to the southern part of the state where the retirees go, we changed our focus. If we were to pick our absolutely very favorite spot on earth, it would be Pecos, a little, mainly Hispanic village outside of Santa Fe, located at 6923 feet in a small valley made by the Pecos River. Beez has written about his feelings for this area and I see that I have at least five posts about the place on this blog--Haunted, Haunted Pecos being one of them.

As luck would have it, we accidentally came across a nice little piece of property with the required two houses on it--one (adobe!) for Beez and me, and one (great views!) for Bucksnort. There is even a little chicken house for my longed-for chicken sisters. We make our own luck, as a friend reminds me often, but in this case, it seems to me that luck will play a large part in our plans. We have to sell this High Plains house in order to buy the Pecos property, and the timing will be very important--if things don't work out right, we may find ourselves out of a home with nowhere to go!

So what have we done? Why, naturally, we've buried poor St. Joseph again. I know, it's a crazy superstition (see some other fascinating superstitions on Judy's blog), but funny thing, it's worked really well for us in the past. You can read all the details of how this wacky superstition works in an older post, St. Joseph, Little Underground Realtor but, long story short: all you do is to bury a little statue of St. Joseph upside down in the yard of the house and facing the For Sale sign, and the house will sell within a few weeks.
We'll see.


the7msn said...

Pecos! Whoohoo! Now this is getting really exciting. Are you buying Val Kilmer's place? Kidding. A little risk IS a wonderful thing. The new place sounds just perfect. I do believe planetary alignment will be on your side and your Clovis place will sell quickly.

Judy said...

This all sounds so very exciting to me. I envy you your gypsy spirit! I love small towns. I used to live in one with less than a thousand people and loved it. Hoping your place sells quickly and looking forward to reading about this new adventure of yours!

Jean (aka Auntie Bucksnort) said...

All power to the superstitious! I'm all for it. I've got my herbs ready to burn, my portrait of Mary and the baby Jesus with its flickering little red lights (which, truth be told, looks more like a radon monitor flashing its red alert signal) and my violin at the ready for playing an endless mantra to the tune of "our house... what a very very very fine house... with eight pets in the yard... life used to be so hard... now everything is selling cause of yoooouuuuuuu...". I'll play it all day every day until the house sells or until your neighbors start throwing skillets at my head, whichever comes first.

Ommmm... ommmmmmmm... ommmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Steph said...

What street are you guys on, we are currently looking for a home in Clovis and haven't found the "right" one yet.

Rain Trueax said...

Good luck with the sale and move. Living in the country, a long way from stores, has been my life for 30 years. It has its tough aspects but I wouldn't trade it in yet anyway. The photos look delightful. That is a part of New Mexico that I really liked also.

clairz said...

Here you go, Stephanie, and feel free to pass it on:

We're in the really good Zia School District.

Greg said...

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. (hmm, were they the exact words of the famous person who I'm quoting from.... of which I can't remember.

If there's flow, God says go! If synchronicity lines up for you, and events toward your goal just happen to fall in to place.... then there you go.

My mother has spent her life (the last 20 years of it) going from one hospital open house to another. A huge waste of an overconcern on health. I am of the mind that if you are where you want to be, your body will follow your mind to happiness and good will aka homeostasis!

Linda said...

This sounds so exciting. I was impressed by your husband's experience. I just know this is all going to work out.