Friday, June 26, 2009

June Afternoon Rainbow for Skywatch Friday

I see lots of photo opportunities. I am slowly learning to have my camera close by to take advantage of them. I was lucky this time.

To see rainbows, clouds, and skies all over the world, be sure to visit Skywatch Friday.


Huzhar said...

Yes, you are so lucky. Those rainbows are gorgeous. You captured them well. Your header photo is awesome as well. Thanks for sharing..

the7msn said...

This rainbow is just lovely...but I think it will look better in Pecos. :-)

Sylvia K said...

Fun to see you here, Claire! And what fabulous rainbow shots! Such lovely colors!
Have a great weekend!

Carolyn said...

The rainbows are beautiful but your masthead photo is absolutely stunning. Great captures. Thanks for sharing.

Light and Voices said...

Great header!

Joe Todd said...

As others have said what a great masthead photo. Of all the places you have lived which is your favorite? "OZ Girl" sometimes posts to skywatch . She moved from Ohio to Kansas. Have a great day.

clairz said...

Thank you all for your comments and for admiring the scary cloud header photo.

Joe, to answer your question about which of all the places I have lived is my favorite--it's complicated. I loved New Hampshire for its beauty, and its people, and its history. I even loved its climate for a very long time. But when it was time for me to retire, I had to relocate because otherwise I would have had to have continued working to have been able to afford the taxes and the heating costs. And snow and ice aren't good for older people, either for walking or driving.

Now that I live in New Mexico AND am retired, I love it here for the beauty, and the people and their cultures, and its history. It is magical here. I love the climate and the blue skies and the sunshine. I love the slower pace a lot. And I love that I can afford to live here. Yes, we get snow, but most people wait for it to melt the next morning. The less patient people (recent arrivals, no doubt) blow it off their walks with a hair dryer. (That is very funny to a New Englander, but true).