Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Which Would You Prefer?

I just went to the eye doctor last week. I love the format of the exam--it hasn't really changed since I first started getting my eyes examined when I was three years old (in another century, actually).

So, let's play eye doctor.

Which kind of country do you prefer:


Let's try one more pair. Which would you prefer to see from your back porch:


Explanations and locations will be forthcoming, if my life's present mad pace ever lets up. (Remember, I've been living the stressless life of a happy retiree for the last couple of years, so it doesn't take much to seem like a mad pace to me!)


the7msn said...

Yippee! You're staying in NM. If I can find an email address for you, I'll send along coordinates for the 7msn - maybe we'll be close enough to do lunch some day!

Linda said...

What are you up to? Selling your house? Moving from New Mexico?

clairz said...

Linda C., I sent you a "friend" invitation on Facebook. I'll bet we could do lunch in Moriarty (do they have restaurants, I wonder?), since that would be about halfway.

Linda H., yes, we are selling the house and moving to another part of New Mexico. I'm almost afraid to say more (but you know I will) because so much of this plan depends on luck and timing. More to come in future posts...

Sylvia K said...

I'll take the place in the last shot! I have a thing for green! I hope all goes well with selling the house and finding a new place to live!