Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Walk Around the Alameda-Depot Historic District: Part 3

You can read about this neighborhood, located in an older section of Las Cruces, in Part 1.

This little yellow house really captivated us, with its lace curtains, the outline of a missing vine on the side of the house, a mosaic reproduction of Frida Kahlo's Diego en mi Pensamiento, and its signs in French about the pets within (chien gentil; chat lunatique).

The former Las Cruces train depot, now a railroad museum

A mural across the street from the railroad museum

This home has a stamped tin roof

A folk art Virgin of Guadalupe


JC said...

A stamped roof ... wow
You wouldn't find that around here

Thanks again for showing us ...

Mary Hulser said...

can't wait....9 more school days...