Friday, September 24, 2010

Breakfast at Nellie's

Nobody should eat this way unless they are planning to ride out and herd cattle all day. However, after weeks of high fiber, low salt, and low fat behavior, we splurged on a breakfast at Nellie's Cafe. 

This family-owned place is one of the old favorites in Las Cruces. There is almost always a line, and when you get in you might find yourself sharing a table with strangers. You may not know them at the beginning of the meal but by the end you may find that you are practically swapping family photos.

We've gone to lunch at Nellie's lots of times, but this first breakfast there was a real treat--no lines, no crowds. Just a few tables were occupied, as we had arrived right at opening time. We got to know the staff a little better, and there was even some bantering going on between customer tables.

This hearty breakfast consisted of eggs, red chile meat, beans, rice, salad, and tortillas on the side. Beez just couldn't resist an order of his favorite sopaipillas with honey. And of course, the meal started with Nellie's wonderful fresh corn tortilla chips and salsa--yes, for breakfast! It was way too much food, but it was delicious, and we just skipped eating for the rest of the day. 

Nellie's Cafe
1226 West Hadley, Las Cruces, New Mexico

No website, they're too busy cooking! Open at 8 in the morning, serving breakfast and lunch.


Mary Hulser said...

...can't wait...

becky said...

What a wonderful splurge, Clair~ looks delish. especially those fresh flour tortillas, and who could say no to anything w/ red chile- yum!

JC said...

Those sopaipillas look good.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Oh, this looks so good! I've been behaving myself since August 4 with the food intake; but if I had a shot at this, it would be all over for at least one meal! I haven't had sopapillas in years, but I have a great recipe I might drag out. Love your new header pic!

clairz said...

Mary, I can't wait to be sitting across the table from you. Becky, such a choice, red or green. I honestly don't know which I love better.

JC and Deb, step away from the sopaipillas. Trust me on this, don't even think about them.

Linda said...

My goodness - it's worth saving up calories for a breakfast like this. I had to look up 'sopaipillas'. Deep fried pastry, said the description. I bet that doesn't do them justice.