Friday, September 10, 2010

The Pintada Kid on the Case: Part 7. The Kid and the Police

Even today, 75 years after the Heberer Lorius tourists disappeared, the roads 
in New Mexico are long and often little traveled, 
the sky is big, and the land is empty.
(CZ photo, taken near Elephant Butte, NM)

By mid-June [of 1935], updates on the [Heberer Lorius] story were carried in newspapers across the country. It had become a national news story. This exposure was not good for New Mexico as motor-tourism virtually halted for peoples' fear of being killed "in the wilds of New Mexico." Attendance figures from Santa Fe to Carlsbad Caverns dramatically dropped. Newspapers reported the vacationers were killed near Vaughn, near Socorro, near Carlsbad, or near any other place they could think of, thus affecting the reputation of the entire state.

New Mexico Gov. Clyde Tingley offered a $1,000 reward for finding the bodies. He also ordered the National Guard to help the FBI search areas around Vaughn, Socorro and south along Elephant Butte Reservoir to find the bodies — and to save the state's image.

~Paul Hardin, El Defensor Chieftain6/7/08


The Pintada Kid continues the story of his investigation into the Heberer Lorius case, in his own words. For a list of the entire series, click on the Pintada Kid on the Case tab at the top of the page.

Since the time my lady friend and I went into the area of the Heberer Lorius people four or five years ago, I haven't been back. I'm very sure with the proof and evidence that I have that this mystery could be solved, although I'm sure there would be lots of people who wouldn't want me to solve it. 

The ranchers aren't too crazy about people coming onto their land. Then there are the relatives of the killers or the ones who helped to hide the bodies. I'm sure it would smear their family names. The guy who plotted the killings and helped kill these people has a name that is one of the biggest in New Mexico. 

Because of the way the State Police Investigators have refused to work with me, I'm not sure I can trust them anymore. I might end up "accidentally" falling off a cliff and they might get the credit solving this Great Mystery. 

I used to talk on the phone and through emails about the case to the New Mexico State Police Investigator Lt. Norman Rhoades. He really thought at the time that I could probably solve the Heberer Lorius case and that was before I knew the exact area and had learned about the important evidence I have now. What puzzles me is why he ceased contact and never tried to hear me on the new evidence I found. He did tell the Albuquerque Journal that he had come to my place with the relatives of the Heberer Lorius people and that I wouldn't come out. But I clearly remember that day he was here in town talking to people with the Heberer Lorius relatives and a Friend of mine, who is interested in the case and wants to help me solve it, called me and asked if I knew that Rhoades was looking for me. I told him that my kids were visiting and no one had called or come over to the house. 

My kids and grand kids were all excited when I told them who might be coming over, but these people never showed up. I thought that was rude.

About a month ago, a friend told me that the Heberer Lorius relatives were in town and measuring some slabs of concrete. He told them if they wanted to solve the Heberer Lorius case, they should talk to the Pintada Kid. They told him they already had. But of course they hadn't.

Lt. Norman Rhoades and the Heberer Lorius relatives left some phone numbers with some people in town which I called in Mississippi.  I told them on the answering machine that I was the Man who could solve the Heberer Lorius case. I left them my phone number a couple of times, but they never returned my calls, so I gave up on them. I also gave up on Lt. Norman Rhoades, who could have called me a day ahead if he really wanted to see me. However,  I'm sure he doesn't really want to see me because of the underhanded way he has played me, along with the Albuquerque Journal, the Media of New Mexico, and the Whole U.S. Media. To me, they are all one, and if I was black or white this Great Mystery would have been solved over 25 years ago. 

~El Pintada Kid

Next week: The conclusion of the Kid's tale, with parts 8, 9, and 10


Anonymous said...

WOW, It's a shame that this mystery will never be solved and the relatives of these people will never get closure as to what actually happened to them. It seems obvious from the Kid's story that many people don't want this mystery solved. I still think someone will one day find the evidence and solve the case. It is never too late in this kind of thing.

Jean (aka Auntie Bucksnort) said...

> I might end up "accidentally" falling off a cliff...

Watch your back, Kid, we need to know what happens next. Don't leave us hanging!

becky said...

Hmmmm... now I'm a little confused. I thought he wanted to solve the case, so why has he not gone back in 5 years? I can understand his general mistrust of the media and perhaps there is some conspiracy involved... BUT, I don't think it necessarily would have been solved if he were "black or white."

LV said...

Thank you for this wonderful history lesson. That is very interesting. I know very little about what went on in Mexico. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

How sad for the family that he went missing.

The sky really is big out there. Great shot!