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The Pintada Kid on the Case: Part 10. The Kid Makes His Case

[FBI Investigator Raymond] Gere states his biggest regret was his inability to solve the 1935 Lorius and Heberer murder mystery. He suggested that amateur sleuths should look for human bones along U.S. 60 in western New Mexico. He stated the case "has consumed 30 FBI volumes, seven years of my time as an agent, and countless pages of newspaper and magazine type."

"There have been hundreds of theories about what happened and where it happened to George and Laura Lorius, and Albert and Tillie Heberer," Gere told the Chieftain. "I am convinced they were murdered and their bodies were hidden within 25 miles west of Quemado, along U.S. 60."

~Paul Hardin, El Defensor Chieftain6/7/08
The Pintada Kid continues the story of his investigation into the Heberer Lorius case, in his own words. For a list of the entire series, click on the Pintada Kid on the Case tab at the top of the page.

 Over 25 years ago, when I felt sure I could solve the
Heberer Lorius case, I tried to talk to Larry Barker (a local TV reporter) and others in the Media and even emailed everybody who was anybody.  I tried to get the morning programs to listen to my story but no one was interested or wanted to even reply to me. I always wondered why these people in the media didn't at least call me and question me as to why I felt that I could solve the Heberer Lorius case when no one else could.

I had that Lt. Rhoades [New Mexico State Police Investigator Norman Rhoades] call me and we talked on the phone and emailed each other. He even told me that I had a good chance of solving the case. Then he ceased contact and even said to the Albuquerque Journal I didn't want to speak to him and the Heberer Lorius relatives, just because when he unexpectedly showed up I was supposed to know he was there [and I didn't]. 

All I can say is I did my homework and went overboard finding evidence and the exact area where the bodies will be found, plus I have my Original story and not a Dream* like one of the Heberer Lorius relatives claims to have had about her sister being buried under concrete or whatever. What about the lady who supposedly saw one of the victims murdered--what became of that story? 

There are some old men who think that [the tourists] are buried somewhere near Albuquerque, but that area was combed over thousands of times. Some of these people want to find the bodies in their area because that would be great for bringing in tourists, but their stories are very weak.

The reason I'm the logical one to solve this great mystery is because I know all that land in the center of New Mexico, and I have walked and ridden horses all over in the area where the Heberer Lorius people will be found.  Plus I just happened to have a brother-in-law who knew lots about the case and he's the one that should have solved it but didn't, because there were no bodies to be found. 

It's a great feeling to know you can solve the Heberer Lorius case, especially when at one time I thought it would be impossible to find some skeletons in a cave. But then, when I found the two key pieces of evidence, I knew I was right about the area.

Today I'm just waiting for the Media and the right people in Law Enforcement to go with me so I can prove this case can be solved--that is, if I can trust the people who go in with me.

The Thrill of knowing that a Great Mystery, rivaling those of the Lindbergh Baby and Amelia Earhart, could be solved, slowly faded away as I saw the years pass. I finally came to realize that When a Latino commits a crime or is wearing handcuffs the Media jumps at the chance at giving them coverage forever, but if they have something to contribute of interest to mankind they are ignored and not allowed to tell their story.

There is one last thing I want to say about the
Heberer Lorius case. It is this: Out there in the center of New Mexico, you can see Sheepherder writings carved on rocks. When the sheepherders were out there herding sheep and living in tents in the 1930s, the rocks they wrote on showed old model Ts and Airplanes and lots of brands and other markings. These Sheepherder writings are just a few miles from where the Heberer Lorius people will be found, and they are more evidence that the sheepherders wrote about the Heberer Lorius people in their own way. The area where the writings are has lots of snake dens around it and the writings are under an overhang and are in very good condition.

As a little kid living in a Rock Mud house with dirt floors and oil lamps with my two sisters and both parents, my bed was situated under a magazine picture of a Snickers bar cut in half with the Caramel showing. Back then they used newspapers and pictures out of magazines [for decoration].  This picture would drive me crazy because candy was a very Rare treat, and was not seen for months, if ever. Sometimes the only thing we had to eat was maybe a Deer, which was rare; or Jackrabbits and sometimes Rattlesnakes and Porcupines, which were very plentiful. Of course, Rabbit meat bathed in Red chile was always a real Delicacy with a tortilla.

I remember when I was around 3 or 4 years old and food was scarce, we killed a horse for food. I don't remember too much about my dad, just that he hunted for food and sometimes I would follow him. He played guitar and violin, and my mom played guitar, and they both sang. My mom died in a Bad Head-on Crash, so my parents were gone by the time I was 9 years old. I ended up with their Guitar and Violin. The Guitar has Disintegrated by now, but it helped me as a kid to have something to do and I forced myself to learn to play since age 5.

Who would have guessed that someday this kid whose toys were insects and spiders out in the mountains would end up Solving the Heberer Lorius case 1935 with or without the help of Law Enforcement and Media.

~El P
intada Kid


* On May 22, before she knew anything was amiss on her sister's vacation, Laura Lorius' sister woke up with a fright in Illinois and told her husband that her sister had come to her in a dream and said, "I've been murdered and buried under the floor of an old building. You'll have trouble finding me."

~Leslie Linthicum, Albuquerque Journal, 6/24/10


becky said...

Well, I hope he keeps looking if he feels compelled to solve the case...
Interesting dream that the woman had. Did you ever read the book "The Last Season," about the missing forest ranger? His wife had a dream about where he was & that's pretty much where they found him.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

I don't know about solving the case, but he surely can tell a tale that holds your interest!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed his story and if anyone ever solves this case I hope he is the one. I feel he could do it after reading this. He would immediately be rich, would have a book deal, and probably a movie. Either way, I wish the Pintada Kid all the best in the future. Thanks Clairz for bringing his story to us.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone for all the kind words and interest in my story. But most of the credit goes to Clair for all the handling of my story which finally the world will know the truth about the Heberer Lorius case one of the biggest mysteries in the United States. Now it would be GREAT to find me that right women to solve it with but if i have to go it alone thats all right too. CON TODO MI CARINO. el pintada kid

clairz said...

PK, Leslie Linthicum's article in the Albuquerque Journal this past June, ended with these words:

Who's on the right trail? Maybe you know.

        If you have any information that might help the police or concerned relatives end this mystery, give me a call and I'll pass it along.

        We don't want to have to revisit this cold case on its 100th anniversary.

        UpFront is a daily front-page opinion column. Leslie Linthicum can be reached at 505-823-3914 or

I'll send you the complete text of the article by email.

Unknown said...

Thanks Clair you have been a true friend and helped me to expose the truth on the Heberer Lorius case when no else cared to listen to me and if they heard my story they just ignored me. I talked my head off to Leslie of the Albuquerque Journal and even emailed her which she acknowledged my email and all she could say about me is i knew a cave and knew the name of the killer but i wouldnt say. Maybe all these TV and Media when they come to me will dish out some cash since they didnt want to listen to me when i wanted to talk to them for free and since i dedicated so much of time exploring a very dangerous area and sneaking in for many years taking a chance of getting shot by the old geezer that owned it at the time. They are still searching for Amelia Earhart in the ocean why not the Heberer Lorius people on dry land. Ive already done all the dirty work and know who why and where how much more am i expected to do? el pintada kid

Anonymous said...

I have spent time in different parts of New Mexico and so this story was fascintating to me. With all those rocks and caves it seems that one could search forever and never find what you were looking for, especially when you have the dangers of rattlesnakes, big cats, spiders and bats. A way to disappear forever. However, I hope you find their bodies and solve the case for the sake of the remaining relatives, and because you have done so much research on this case. Very interesting. Best Wishes.

guitarman said...

When i was a young boy i used to have dreams of a huge hole about 20 feet deep behind the hotel where they were murdered. i remember alot of hound dogs that would wake me up throughout the night. so one day i ventured over there and discovered the big hole behind the hotel. i peaked into it and the feeling that hit my stomach was like no other. i was too young to know about the case at the time but i had a feeling something was down there that wasnt supposed to be.
Now dont let me mislead u to beleive that is where they are burried its just a thought. i strongly beleive my father is right and that he will solve this great mystery someday.
Love u Dad.........Guitarman

Unknown said...

UPDATE ON HEBERER LORIUS CASE 1935 Finally got to Santa Fe a few Months ago to check the N.M. State Police Records on the Case and i found out who 4 of the 5 killers of the Heberer Lorius people are. There are 3 Latinos and 2 Anglos. The Mastermind of the killings tried to have a hit on his dad a year earlier to get the motel where the Heberer Lorius people stayed at from him. Why this mystery wasnt solved is beyond some were even bragging about it but giving out misinformation about the area so there would be lots of Confusion for the investigators but the main reason the mystery wasnt solved is because the FBI and N.M. State Police were withholding evidence from each other both trying to Solve ONE OF THE TEN GREATEST UNSOLVED MYSTERIES IN THE U.S. P.S. Ive talked to several N.M. State Police on the case in the last few months but all they want is information from me to solve the case themselves and leave me out they dont want anyone in the Media involved when i show them the area and I DO. El Pintada Kid

clairz said...

Hey, PK, good to hear from you. I love it that your son (Guitarman) left a comment, too. Good luck with the continuing investigation, and Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

HI Clair, good to hear from you. I have more to add to the Heberer Lorius case. Also i have some pics of my lady friend holding a big Rattlesnake at the area where the Heberer Lorius will be found. HOW do i post a pic or pics on here with my next story? el pintada kid

clairz said...

PK, just send the new information with photo attached to me via email and I will make sure both get posted on the blog. Can't wait to see the snake pic!

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Clair and everyone i tried to send the Pic of the Lady holding the Big Rattlesnake at the Heberer Lorius resting place but couldnt. Is there an email to send it to? Or did it go thru?
el pintada kid

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Clair and everyone i tried to send the Pic of the Lady holding the Big Rattlesnake at the Heberer Lorius resting place but couldnt. Is there an email to send it to? Or did it go thru?
el pintada kid

clairz said...

You can send it to me at