Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Las Cruces Report, Early December

Biker Santas, 2009

I love our December weather. It's cold at night, and chilly enough in the mornings to wear the wool sweaters I brought from New Hampshire. By afternoon, though, the sun is warm again, and we are back to shirtsleeves. If we get too hot, we only need to step into some shade for some sharp, cool air.

A hard freeze has cleared off the leaves from the pecan trees, and harvesting along our road has already started, with the big mechanical tree shakers out there bringing down the pecans. In the fields, mostly empty now, the cotton harvest is winding down. From here at the desk in our study, I can see a lovely big field greening up, planted with some kind of winter cover crop.

Josefina's Gate in Mesilla, 2009
There are way too many holiday activities happening--too many, that is, if we tried to go to all of them. A couple of nights ago the city had its Christmas tree lighting, complete with carolers, horse-drawn wagons, and hot chocolate. We hope to go to the Christmas eve lighting of the luminarias on the Mesilla Plaza this year. It's a beautiful scene, often photographed.

The nearby Tortugas Pueblo will be holding its Our Lady of Guadalupe Fiesta this coming week (December 10, 11, and 12), with candlelight processions, an all-night vigil, a pilgrimage to the top of Tortugas Mountain, special masses, a community feast, and traditional matachine dancers.

The high school football season has come to an end, with Mayfield High School winning the state championship, but there are plenty of basketball games at the University for us to cheer at, as well as craft fairs, and concerts all over the place. The Las Cruces Farmers Market, voted one of America's favorite markets, has scheduled some extra time for shoppers.

Here are some more December happenings from the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum, around the city, and around the state.


Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

The gate with the wreath looks just like my mental picture of Christmas in New Mexico!!

Anonymous said...

We're having some of your weather this week and we're loving it. I read in the ABQ Journal that the cold snap we had a couple of weeks ago was great for the pecan harvest.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The biker Santas are fun. And that gate is lovely.

Don't you just love all the cultural activities and events available to us all in New Mexico?
I feel so incredibly blesed to call The Land of Enchantment my home.