Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Morning Mile

I love that phrase, "the morning mile." I first came across it on Andy Baird's website, Travels with Andy, when he mentioned that he always takes a walk in the morning--his "morning mile." For some reason, that stuck with me and, on all the mornings when I was talking myself out of getting outside for some exercise, I would imagine that I could hear Andy, saying in a matter of fact manner that he was heading out for his morning mile. So why didn't I do the same?

Of course, once I got started, I found that I wanted to go the distance, and even a little more. So, now my morning mile is actually a morning mile-and-a-half, and it passes through some lovely country, with views of fields, gardens, mountains, and horse pastures--places where something is always going on.

When we first moved here, I showed you a photo that I had taken of the then-empty big ditch that runs through this agricultural area, and said that I hoped to be able to show it to you when it was full. I didn't realize that during the growing season the big ditch is always full and farmers on either side of it open gates to flood their fields and orchards whenever it is their turn.

So, here you are. The empty ditch in winter (click on the photo for a larger image):

And the full ditch in spring (adjust your volume):


Mary Hulser said...

Well, the ditch looks soo much better with the water....and so sweet to hear your voice!

clairz said...

Thank you, Mary--I was inspired by all you podcasters to try my first voiceover on a video.

JC said...

I wish I lived where I could take a nice walk but my house is next to a very busy street which is next to another busy street.

The photo and the movie with the birds ... great comparison. Very interesting indeed.

Aimee said...

great job walking every morning I just ran my first 5k. It feels good to be in shape doesn't it.