Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Other Side of the Bridge

Emma looking embarrassed in those bows from the groomer (don't worry, she took them
out right after the photo was taken)
Another day, another morning mile. This time I took along my pup, Miss Emma. Em was born with bad knees but the vet says that short walks are fun for her and not too painful. Let me tell you, there was plenty of spring in her step this morning when she saw the leash.

Keeping those poor knees in mind, we only went as far as the bridge over the ditch. Along the way we saw plenty of other morning milers--young folks walking dogs before work, older retired couples, and a rosy-cheeked lady on a bike.

This is the view from the bridge looking north, the opposite direction from yesterday's video. It gives you some idea of the birdsong and tranquility of the mornings here, even though you can still hear the ditch pump working away behind me. You will see the trails alongside the full ditch, some recently hayed fields, the Robledo Mountains in the distance, and one of my favorite adobe houses in the neighborhood, surrounded by blooming roses. Oh, and the chile sign, of course--I had to put that in there right at the end for those of you who are far away and longing for our hot green chiles. I actually used the zoom feature on my little Flip camera so that you could read the sign, but I wobbled too much and had to take out that part of the footage.


Mary Hulser said...

THIS made me smile!

JC said...

Well, I'm having the first sips of my morning coffee and I feel like I went on a mini walk with you.

Love your dog ... reminds me of my first dog ever ... was what my Mom called a Heinz 57 mix ... a bit of everything. Was short with black curly hair ... named by me ... Cinders George Popey Carpenter the 3rd ... even though he was the first.

Quiet Paths said...

What a heavenly morning walk! Bad knees or not. Loved this.

clairz said...

Lucky for me, my bad knees have been replaced. Wish we could do the same for Em!