Thursday, May 6, 2010

Waterfront Property in the Desert?

My first clue this morning that something unusual was going on was this reflection in the door... Wait, what's that blue stuff?

Stepping out onto the patio for my morning dose of mountain views, I saw that we were surrounded by a lovely lake.

I have been looking forward to seeing the orchards around our property being irrigated. If you have ever traveled through this part of the country you will know that the pecan orchards (and some lawns, if the owners have irrigation rights) are simply flooded in order to water them.

The birds and the occasional duck are very happy. If you turn up your volume to view this video you may hear robins, doves, and perhaps even a red-winged blackbird.

Faraway people who may picture the Chihuahuan Desert as a dry and dusty place have no idea how lucky we feel to live in this beautiful oasis, the Mesilla Valley.


Mary Hulser said...

Wicked cool! Let's go swimming!

T Fab P said...

That was AWESOME! Love it and miss it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Clairz, I had no idea they did that. I am sure it is a fun thing to watch. It is just so beautiful there. I enjoy seeing all your views from your pictures. I am glad you are continuing to blog. I have lost two great bloggers this week. I know it is harder for me in the summer because I have so much to do outside. Enjoy your waterfront property!

JC said...

How many times a year do they flood the orchards ?

clairz said...

JC, they've flooded the orchard twice so far this year. I'll keep count for the rest of the growing season--this is all new to me.

WasSoggyInSeattle said...

We do this every two weeks to water our yard. It was fun the first couple of times, now it is just irrigating... I mean irritating. Especially with two labs that LOVE the water.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about the flooding to water either. It is beautiful. So were the bird's songs on the video.

What I envy is the low humidity you probably have there. In Georgia our humidity is muggy, muggier, and sweating all over muggy by the end of summer.

Have a wonderful weekend.