Knit for Kids

A pile of completed sweaters, ready to ship

I knit sweaters for Knit for Kids , which is a project originally started by Guideposts Magazine to provide handmade sweaters for needy children in our country and around the world.

To keep track of the sweaters I have made and their designs, I write a post as each shipment is ready to be sent off. This also helps me to stay on track toward my goal of knitting 100 sweaters.

These first few posts are about Knit for Kids and charity knitting in general:

Fixing Dropped Stitches in Knitting

Knit for Kids Sweater Chart

Knitting as an Act of Love

Knitting Time, Just Lying There

Adapting a Fair Isle Motif

The rest of the posts are about the sweaters that I have completed and mailed away, and include photos of most of them:

Knit for Kids (23rd sweater completed, 9/21/07)

More Sweaters for the Knit for Kids Project (26th sweater completed, 11/12/07)

Knit for Kids Again! (35th sweater completed, 2/29/08)

50th Sweater Completed for Knit for Kids (10/26/08)

64 Sweaters for Knit for Kids, Part 1 (1/18/10)

64 Sweaters for Knit for Kids, Part 2 (1/19/10)

80 Sweaters for Knit for Kids, Part 1 (11/29/10)

80 Sweaters for Knit for Kids, Part 2 (11/30/10)

Knit for Kids, 81-90; Closer to the Goal (1/25/11)

Knit for Kids: 100th Sweater Completed! (4/19/11)

Knit for Kids, the Final Batch (10/10/11)