Monday, April 28, 2008

Such a Lovely Spring

We've just had visitors from New Hampshire and had a chance to see our part of New Mexico through their eyes. They loved seeing leaves out on the trees, as theirs are still in bud. Here are some of the flowers that are blooming now around the house.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers. Should I bring my grandmother's iris with me? I've had them for years and really hate to have to leave them behind. They are more sentimental to me than anything.


clairz said...

Absolutely bring your grandmother's irises--they will do beautifully in NM. Roses also excel here.

I am originally from Maine. Where in Maine are you and when are you moving to New Mexico and where?

There! See what happens when you leave a comment on this blog?


Anonymous said...

I will definitely bring my irises with me then.
I am just outside Auburn, was born and raised in Hancock County, in a little town called Brooklin.
Hopefully we will be in NM before the end of June. Hubby has applied at a CAT dealer in ALB and they have openings in ALB, Hobbs, Silver City and Farmington.
We have decided that its NM or Bust.
If you want to email, my email addy is