Saturday, June 28, 2008

Innocent Misunderstandings

When my son was four years old, we were eating supper with friends. As he served himself some of the rice that I had cooked, he sighed, and said, "This is why my parents had to get divorced, because of rice like this." There was a big silence, then we laughed until we howled. From that day on, slightly sticky rice served at our house has always been called Divorce Rice.

When I returned home from the hospital after a three day stay for knee surgery, my littlest dog Weetzie came to sit in my lap. Weets, a rescue from the Clovis Animal (kill) Shelter, gently put her tiny paw on my arm and looked up into my eyes. I swear to you that this is what she said, in an incredulous tone: "They...brought you back? I thought that because you limped they had taken you away to the animal shelter."


Anonymous said...

Welcome back home.
I loved this story. I had to take our very very arthiritic Lab, Belle, to be euthanized on Thursday. So sad when their body gives out long before their mind and heart, but she is now painfree.
I had taken my 17 yr old cat to be done also, as could not find a home for her. The cat rescues wouldn't take her because she was "too old"..they didn't seem to care about the fact she was in excellent health.
So I am sitting at the vet's and strike up a conversation with another woman, next thing I know this wonderland lady looks at me and says What the heck, I will take Snowflake home with me to live out the rest of her life. I was in tears, I was so happy. It made losing Belle easier for me also.

clairz said...

I am sorry to hear about Belle. I'm afraid that's just exactly what Weetzie was picturing as my fate.

However, I am so happy, both for you and for Snowflake. I was worried about her from way back, when you said you didn't think that she could stand the trip. What a happy ending.

Towanda said...

Clair and Alison,

What wonderful stories. I am such an animal lover and have been in dog rescue for years now. It warms my heart to hear stories from other animal lovers. God bless the woman who took Snowflake....and I'm so sorry to hear about Belle.